Sunday, 29 January 2012


Several top security personnel in Nigeria have exclusively told SaharaReporters on condition of anonymity that  Boko Haram, is multi-billion naira organization.
One source said the extremist Islamist group has a substantial financial base and has invested millions of naira to penetrate Nigeria’s security agencies, obtaining
vital and sensitive data. In addition, Boko Haram reportedly is embedded with many other institutions in Nigeria and beyond.
Our sources revealed that the Nigeria police are the institution most penetrated by Boko Haram. “Both President Jonathan and National Security Adviser, Gen. Azazi, have vital reports about Boko Haram’s in-roads in the police and other security outfits,” said one source. He added: “We don’t know why they are not acting.”
One of our sources disclosed that all plans and security details concerning how to cripple the terror group are always leaked to the sect – because of their heavy investment in the security agencies.
“The least they are offering informants is about five million naira,” said a source, adding that “many senior security agents have been compromised and cannot speak about how Boko Haram can be contained.”
Several of our sources indicated that Boko Haram was now, in the words of one of them, “a very big organization with cells across the country, even though its strategic hub is in the North.”

Aside from Boko Haram’s infiltration of the security community, the group reportedly maintains a network of thousands of informal spies who are doing menial jobs or hawking but who provide information about what they observed as well as what people security are saying about the group.
“If you doubt what I am saying, try to say something about Boko Haram in the community. You will be shocked how it will reach them and you will be made to pay for it dearly,” said one source. He attributed the easy escape from police custody of Kabiru Sokoto, a suspect in the Christmas Day bombing of a Catholic Church in Madalla, Niger State, to Boko Haram’s tentacles within the police.
A police source described Boko Haram as “more highly sophisticated than Nigerian security agencies. They carry superior arms and have better fighting strategies. I am within and I know what I am saying. Some of our [police] men and women are running errands for them. Go and investigate. Some of us are even resigning now to work for them.”
On Boko Haram’s financial base, the source said, “They have strong financial base, and possibly receive funds from the Arab world. You should see how they are spending money. That’s why all the security agencies we sent to the borders cannot resist their largesse. I am telling you, our borders are just human figures standing. They [Boko Haram members] pass through thick bushes without serious check.”
Our sources concurred that the government had lost precious years when its security agencies would have been monitored and combated Boko Haram during its infancy. Said one, “I know that security reports [about Boko Haram] were written, but those in government were not paying attention.” Another source suggested “that the government act now based on the evidences at their disposal.”

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