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Natalie Nunn, the interview

Let’s introduce Natalie Nunn to the several new Nigerian fans of yours. Who is Natalie Nunn?
Natalie Nunn is a reality television/model/actress who graduated from the University of Southern California with 2 majors and a minor.( Communication, sociology and minor in Spanish). In college I played soccer and ran track for the university. I also have owned and operated her own clothing store. I’m a bad girl
who loves to enjoy myself have fun, well rounded person and love culture.
Let’s talk growing up – parents, siblings, childhood career and challenges growing up.
Growing up I was raised in a single mother household with one older brother. We were very involved in education and sports. My mother worked two jobs to afford to take care of us and made sure we always had a roof over our head and food on the table. My father came around more when I got older, he had some hard times when I was young which caused him to not always be around.
Hear you own a boutique in Northern California, outside that what do you do now?
Yes I did own and operate my own clothing store in Northern California where I was born and raised. The store was a trendy clothing store for the younger crowd. Now I’m living in Los Angeles and filming reality television shows/ music videos I was just in the music video “Bad Girls Club” by Wale and J.cole also the Young Berg video “so amazing” and starred in Bad girls club reality show and also the spin off show ‘Love Games’ where I was looking for love!
How did you join the ‘Bad girls club’?
I sent the producers of the Bad Girls Club a home casting tape. It was me just being me! They producers loved me and asked me to come for more in person interviews were later I was picked to be apart of the show.
You dated a Nigerian, Olamide of Sesame street for six years, That’s pretty interesting.
Yes my first boyfriend was Olamide Faison from the group – Imajin he was the lead singer, he also starred on the show sesame street and would sing to the kids. We dated for 7 years and he was the sweetest and very humble guy. Things after being on the bad girls club show made things a little difficult for us to continue to date, but we are still very close friends.

Did or have you ever got into things that are Nigerian – food, music, movie, fashion and sorts.
Yes while dating Olamide, I use to join the family in many cultural Nigerian customs. I joined the family in passing the Nut around in the circle and everyone taking a bite, hahaha. I forget what it was for but I did it. I also would join Olamide’s family who run’s the “NATIONAL BLACK THEATRE” in Harlem, New York for cultural African shows (African plays, and musical shows). I also joined Olamide’s family in a African funeral for the famous Dr. Barbara Ann Teer in New York City one of the most memorable days of my life.
What is ‘Nawti’? 
Nawti — is Natural African women totally inspiring. I love this meaning… sends out a message that natural black women are inspiring and beautiful.
Who directed the video?
The video was shoot in different cities, my part was in Los Angeles by a very well known director
How were you contacted to be a part of the video? How did it happen?
My manager asked me if I would be interested in being apart of a music video by a Nigerian Artist and the song was called Nawti. The first thing I said was I want to hear the song and read the script and if I feel like its something I like I will do it. I loved the song, I loved the meaning and I love Nigerians so I said yes I’ll do it.
Did or do you find Olu Maintain attractive?  You kissed him, I know it is all scripted and all. You think Olu Maintain is attractive?
Olu is a sweetheart. I really enjoyed working with him and the whole Nigerian crew! Yes the kiss was a part of the script but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it ! hahaha
Let’s take the business side of you in the Nawti video, How much did Olu Maintain cough out to get a bombshell like you in his video? How much was it to have you star in the video? Give me an idea
Hahahhaah being ‘Americas favorite bad girl’ and currently doing music videos such as “Bad girls club” with Wale, J Cole and Rick Ross. I wasn’t cheap . Olu Maintain made sure I was well taken care of and had everything I could desire on set of the music video!
Would your new found Nigerian fanbase be seeing more of you; talking videos, making trips down for club appearances and sorts?
Hopefully I will be coming to Nigeria soon. We have some pending contracts with people in Nigeria for appearances. I would love to come down there and do appearances at clubs, meet the lovely (NAWTI) people of Nigeria!
To other followers, critics who think you are an attention seeker, how do you deal with them?
The people who think I’m just an attention seeker. I honestly let people think what they want. I’m living a dream, enjoying traveling all over the world, meeting people NAWTI people of all different race, religions, colors! I love everyone and would never feed into what a hater has to say I LIVE MY LIFE.

Let me in on your future plans, What are you working on?
I have a few new projects I have finished coming this spring on Oxygen channel. Also a fun project that will hit the internet on February 14th, Valentine’s day that I did with the television channel Mun2 super SEXY. I also am the new cover model for Show magazine coming out in March. I will be featured in J’adore magazine coming February 1st.
Thanks for the interview guys.Much love from California (L.A.)
Miss Natalie Nunn
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