Saturday, 18 February 2012

Online scam: I paid Jim Iyke 2000 euros!

You can’t imagine how shocked we all are at the office with the latest developments on the online scam issue involving the names of Nigerian celebrities.

A lady, who has fallen victim to these scammers repeatedly, just contact Nollywoodgossip and her story is really shocking.
Here is her message to Nollywoodgossip:
Hello dear,
Please inform star actor Jim Iyke that a guy from Dubai is using his name to steal, because I was a victim in December last year — on Twitter and Facebook.
• I gave to him the sum of 2000 euros in December, because he has a problem with a lady so he ran from Nigeria.
• The second Jim Iyke is in Dubai, please check Facebook, Twitter and Skype, he is a big thief.
  • And now there is Chidi Mokeme asking everybody to donate in the launching of his film house, but I ignored him, because I know it’s not true.
• I deleted everything immediately I found out the truth, but I never knew they can be reported till today, when I saw Segun Arinze and others on Nollywoodgossip. Check on Facebook for Jim Iyke Esomugha.
• On Twitter he is wearing a light blue suit, the same on Skype.
• Light blue suit and sunglasses
• I said any time I travel to Nigeria, I will go to his shop in Abuja and talk to him or report to the guild.
• And I also sent some money to Jim Iyke foundation.
  • Another one is Muna Obiekwe asking me to borrow him 300,000 naira to complete his project, and I warned him. A lot of them, my dear.
Please keep my name out, bye.
After speaking with the lady in question, Nollywoodgossip immediately contacted Jim Iyke and the actor, who is still in Calabar, couldn’t believe his ears.
The shocked actor told us that the same thing happened to Ramsey Nouah, where someone paid 1000 Dollar to fraudsters that are using his name, without knowing that the same thing is happening to his name too.
He promised to send us his real Twitter handle and Facebook account’s name, and asked us to please help warn his fans.

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