Friday, 3 February 2012

POT CALLING KETTLE BLACK: PDP regimes, worst in Nigerian history, says Nasir el- Rufai

Alhaji Nasir el-Rufai
Shouldn't this man be in prison for corruption?
 Former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT,  Alhaji Nasir el-Rufai has taken a hard knock on the present PDP-led Federal government, describing the party’s  regimes since the enthronement of democracy in the country as disastrous.

“PDP regimes in the past twelve years of our democratic system is not only disastrous, but completely against the wishes and aspirations of the entire Nigerians”, said el-Rufai .
The former FCT Minister told newsmen in an interview at the Yola International Airport Friday,  that the present security challenges facing the nation is brought about by the ineptitude, lack of focus, injustice , corruption and lack of dedication to the plights of ordinary Nigerians.
el-Rufai , who is at the head of the CPC National headquarters to Saturday governorship election in Adamawa state said that PDP governments at both the federal and state levels have lost complete grip of managing and controlling the socio-economic, security and all other sectors of the nation , thereby throwing Nigeria into a state of helplessness and confusion.
Asked why he is descending so hard on the a  party that he was  a strong member of untill his recent defection to the CPC, el-Rufai said that the PDP during his era was quite different from what is obtainable now, adding that as the then  Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, he demolished  the houses of the National chairman of the ruling party and so many retired Generals of the Nigerian Armed forces.
“Do you think any Minister can take such a harsh decision now?, he quipped, saying that PDP in 2007 is quite different from what we have now.
On ways out of the present security challenges facing the country,el-Rufai stated that there can be no peace without justice, stressing that the foundation for security is to have justice and accountability, alleging that a situation whereby officials divert public funds for their personal use and refuse to do what should be done to better the lots of the ordinary  Nigerians is always greeted with insecurity and other social vices.
The former FCT Minister maintained that the biggest problem of the present administration is failure to take responsibility for what should be its primary role which is security of its citizens.

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