Monday, 20 February 2012

CRAZY WORLD: A Maid Charged For Adding Menstrual Blood to Her Employer’s Food!

Indira Ningsih
An Indonesian maid, Indra Ningsih, has appeared in a Hong Kong court accused of adding menstrual blood to her employer’s food, bibi247 has learned.
Indra mixed menstrual blood into a pot of vegetables
as a charm for improving relations between herself and her employer.
She has been charged with one count of “administering poison destructive or noxious substances with intent to injure” according to the media
The noxious action was discovered completely by chance. Her female employer whose surname is Mok happened to enter the kitchen to her home and noticed the maid acting rather strangely. She caught her throwing something into the trash bin, which turned out to be a used sanitary napkin.
When she looked into the pot of vegetables, she noticed something “suspicious” floating around mixed with the vegetables and water.

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